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Our practice uses the latest orthodontic technology including cone beam computed tomography, digital x-rays and Invisalign.

You know that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted?

Well, this is your first stop along the way to making it happen. Our practice will work with you every step of the way to make sure the orthodontic treatment you receive is as rewarding as possible. Just follow these simple steps and let’s get smiling!

Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatment means that procedures and techniques used in our office are based on the most scientifically valid research results available. While this may sound simple, much orthodontic treatment performed today is based on opinions of popular orthodontic speakers. Much of this opinion has not been subjected to the scrutiny of rigorous clinical studies.

While the specialty of Orthodontics as a whole has just recently tried to emulate the type of evidence-based clinical decisions that the medical community has been using for decades, Dr. Bobak has been an evidence-based orthodontic specialist practitioner his entire career.

The patient benifits of evidence-based practice include a potential reduction in treatment time and associated expenses, because procedures that have not been scientifically shown to benifit the patient are not routinely performed in our office.

For more information about evidence-based dentistry, visit the American Dental Association page

Dr. Bobak's orthodontic treatment techniques emphasize comfort

Example 1: Traditional widely used expanders are made of steel and require uncomfortable “turning the screw” activation. We mainly use “screwless” titanium “body heat-activated” expanders to minimize discomfort.

Example 2: Most commonly used “lower jaw growth” functional appliances such as the Herbst are bulky and rigid, forcing the lower jaw forward in a relatively uncomfortable position. We use flexible titanium coil Forsus devices to accomplish the same effect in a more comfortable fashion.

Dr. Bobak’s services include child braces, adolescent braces and braces for adults. He uses several treatment methods, including Invisalign for adults and Invisalign Teen clear aligners, ClearCorrect clear braces, self-ligating braces and traditional metal braces. Call our office today to schedule an orthodontic screening for yourself or your child.

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