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​Mayweather-Pacquiao Mouthguard Trivia:

Monday, May 04, 2015

In the Asian Journal's commemorative issue, "The Fight of the Century: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather," they could find an exclusive interview with the Filipino dentist who'd made Pacquiao a special mouth guard in the red, white, blue and yellow of the Philippine flag.

Mr. Mayweather’s “style in the ring translates very directly to his personal apparel style,” Dr. Gause said. “He’s a perfectionist, with an obsessive attention to detail.”

For the fight this weekend, Mr. Mayweather commissioned 10 mouth guards for $25,000, including one with a $100 bill baked in and one with gold foil — as well as some “more subtle” pairs. (They’re clear.) Each takes six to eight hours to make.

“It’s about style but also sports psychology, which is a huge part of athletic performance,” said Dr. Gause, whose mouth guard company, Iceberg Guards, is being introduced (to coincide with the fight) with a limited-edition TMT branded and “sanctioned” guard (although Dr. Gause says traditional dentistry takes up 98 percent of his time). As the dentist said: “Whatever inspires you makes you perform: your girlfriend’s name, bling.”

Neither Dr. Gause nor Mr. Day knows which of their pieces Mr. Mayweather will wear on Saturday, but they have some ideas.

“I’d pay a lot of attention to the clear ones,” Dr. Gause said.

Mr. Day said: “The guys think he’s going for the white, gold and red ones.’’ The look is “very royal.”

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